Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Rapha Clothing do an event each year. Its a cycle clothing brand and it is called the Festive 500. From xmas eve, to new years eve you want to try to ride 500km.  I always start goals but barely ever finish them. I got a skipping rope to get fit, never used it. Running shoes, never worn, all different stuff like that. I really wanted to do this. Working night shifts also wouldnt help, but i though fuck it. Lets try. Even if it makes me eat a little less shitty xmas food, and get out of the house to ride my bike more than normal then it was worth it.
I would be seeing an awful lot of these around.
7am Xmas day in the city was odd and quiet. 
This was my view for about 22hours
And this view, behind my friend Aron. Who came on every ride with me except one.
Getting out into the country.
This guy was hanging out when we got breakfast one morning after a ride. 
This was my favourite jersey, from paris when i lived there. But during the festive 500, some junkie crack whore stole it from my clothes line. Bumming.
Cool tunnels.
Some gooooood weather.
More palm trees.

Rode past some zoo york posters i put up in the city for work.
First time i actually checked out a lake near my house. A pretty perfect little 5km loop.
Empty streets in the early hours.
Rode with good friend Sascha from DELORD fame.
Nice views from Williamstown 
Saschas bike not mine.
Is this even working again?
More cool tunnels.
I don't own any of these boats. Just clearing that up.
Still pedalling.
We got real lucky with the weather. 
This guy probably wondering who the big fat sweaty panting hairy thing is near his lake.
Lake life.
The Melbourne Grand prix is held on this road.
Is a bit more busy when the Grand prix is on.
More views of Arons bum.
Not a bad choice to come back to Australia for the Aussie summer.
Heading home.
Are we there yet......
Not a clue what this thing is for. But looks cool.
We ride the last few rides, fixed gear. This was a pretty good breakfast spot.
Swimming would be alot more relaxing than riding and riding and riding.
Josh came on a ride.
Fixed gear casual atire. Only 10 kms to go.
I finally stuck to a goal. 500kms done. Thanks Rapha.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


It has been raining here on and off for about 2 weeks. I was itching to ride my new bike, no one else was free so i thought of going on a solo ride into the countryside of paris. Picked a spot on the map and left.
On the way on my ride was a pretty cool airport. Not a clue if i'm meant to be this close, as i cant read the french signs. The blue sky quickly changed.
A giant strawberry is normal right. 
I wanted to find a forest to ride through

This was a kind of creepy double lake in the middle of no where.
With an equally creepy abandoned house shed thing. 
Getting foresty.
Awesome. This is where it kind of started to rain. And i had no Rain jacket.
My new ride, This was my first decent ride with it.
Amazing scenery.
Blue steel.
I got to my destination, about 85km away, and it was damn wet, Pouring so i got the train back.
I dont have internet on my phone so i had to use these regular old maps. Kinda cool. Check out my instagram also for more pics. @doddfathers